What is Zero G

Weightlessness is also known as zero-G, although the more concise phrase is "zero G-Force". It occurs in the absence of any gravitational forces on objects, including the human body.

The feeling of zero gravity, happens when the effects of gravity cannot be felt. Scientifically gravity does exist everywhere in the universe as it is defined as a force that attracts two bodies to each other. Most of the space crew are unable to feel its effects. A space hotel, for example, would likely be perpetual freefalling above the Earth. Its forward movement will equal the speed of its “fall” towards earth.

This means that the guests inside are not pulled in any direction This is what achieves the floating. Whilst being weightless sounds relaxing, in long term studies it has been shown to have problems associated with it. Muscles are shown to weaken, and other changes also take place. One of the NASA studies and projects of the ISS is to investigate how astronaut health is affected by long periods of weightlessness.