Why Rocket Breaks?

Space Travel! Yes, it may sound like something from a 1960’s futuristic sci-fi fantasy but travelling in space is close to becoming a modern-day reality.

Luxury Space Travel Agency

We are a team of experienced travel and accommodation experts in the luxury tourism sector.

In anticipation of this momentous occasion, we wanted to get a head start on the development of inclusive packages.

Our mission is to provide the high level of service you have become accustomed to, here on Earth, whilst you engage in the space expedition of a lifetime.

Offering bespoke packages provides you the freedom to decide on how you experience travelling to the unknown.

Sub-Orbital space travel has arrived.

With the likes of Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and Space X providing Sub-Orbital space travel the possibilities are now endless.  These companies are announcing the development of more spacecrafts alongside planned regular flights.

Sir Richard Branson, pioneer of space travel was the first commercial space tourist after Virgin Galactic received the license to operate by the authorities.  Branson became Astronaut 001 on the completed mission into space on the 11th July 2021.

The Voyager Station is the first luxury hotel currently being built for the sole purpose of space accommodation and is scheduled to open in 2027.

This has literally opened the world to the possibilities of space travel and providing luxury travel to space has us, at Rocket Breaks, very excited.

We are hoping to take responsibility for the launch (pun intended) of a whole new travel industry niche. This hasn’t been possible for almost a century since the commercialisation of air travel.