FAQs & Acronyms

These are acronyms used by Rocket Breaks and the wider industry, as we move forward into space tourism you might find it useful to reference this document from time to time.

How much do your space experiences cost?

It depends on the experience you choose. We do have space adventures to suit most budgets and requirements. Call one of our specialists to discuss what you are looking to get from your experience then we will match you to the right mission.

Is it safe?

Anything has a risk, from bungee jumping to crossing the road, and measures are taken to minimise those risks. Whilst space tourism is still in its infancy, we ensure every part of the process is a as safe as it can be, giving you and loved ones peace of mind every step of the way.

Do I need special training?

Depending on your choice of trip you may require some training. We do have options for anyone at any ability, so just speak to our experts who will guide you in choosing the perfect mission for you.

Is there a weight / height limit?

Each mission is bespoke to your requirements. However understandably some of the spacecraft have limits in place for practical and safety reasons. We can guide you to find the right one for you.

Is there an age limit?

To us age is just a number, you could be 13 or 90 and we have suitable missions for all.

Why would I use you instead of going direct?

We act like a personal space travel agent. As well as guiding you through the different choices of amazing space adventures, and helping you to identify which one will fulfil all of your expectations, we also book the flights you will require, your hotel and your onward transport to get to the launch pad. We will coordinate everything perfectly, so that you don’t have to.

Can I get insurance?

We have teamed up with our partners at Battleface to arrange custom insurance cover. Our team will discuss your options when you book.

Will I experience weightlessness?

On all of our Orbital, Sub-Orbital and Zero-G missions you will experience weightlessness and different levels of gravitational pull.

Where do you launch from?

We launch mainly from the US and Europe with more space ports opening around the world over the next few years this is likely to expand.

°C: Degrees Celsius

°F: Degrees Fahrenheit

°R: Degrees Rankine

24/7: 24 Hours/day, 7 days/week

2–D: Two-Dimensional

3C: Command, Control, and Checkout

3–D: Three-Dimensional

3–DOF: Three-Degrees of Freedom

6-DOF: Six-Degrees of Freedom