Blue Origin to launch ticket sales for its space tourism adventure

Blue Origin are close to offering the first tickets for sub-orbital space tourism trips aboard its New Shepard rocket. Its expected that on Wednesday, May 5, the private space company led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will reveal details on how you can reserve a seat.

Blue Origin has so far completed 15 test flights — 14 of them successful — of its reusable New Shepard booster since its maiden launch in 2015. However none of the missions have included a crew.

A sub-orbital space tourism trip operated by Blue Origin will last a little over 10 minutes and take paying passengers to around 62 miles above Earth. From there they’ll be able to enjoy stunning views of our planet and beyond, and also experience a brief period of weightlessness inside the six-seat capsule. After a short while, the capsule will then float back to Earth, its descent slowed by parachutes ahead of a desert landing near Blue Origin’s spaceport in Texas.

Blue Origin last week added an online form to its website, encouraging space enthusiasts and pioneers with plenty of spare cash to sign up to have a chance of bagging one of the first seats. The company has always kept quiet regarding pricing for its space trips, saying only that it will be competitive.

Rocket Breaks hope to be an official re seller for Blue Origin following a successful initial launch.

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