Space Hotels

The future is here, and it seems that The Gateway Foundation might be humanities hope for a space get-away

Fancy spending a holiday orbiting the earth? This is not a thing of science fiction anymore! We might be just over half a decade away from the world’s first luxury resort in orbit.

The Gateway Foundation has announced that it intends to open the first hotel in space, named Voyager Station, in 2027
The future is here, and it seems that The Gateway Foundation might be humanities hope for a space get-away, while NASA has begun taking private and public astronauts into space alongside the crew, we have a long ways to go until you can pick an all-inclusive space package for your next holiday.

The Voyager Station

No matter which way we look at it, space tourism is on the rise, interest is high, and the market is wide open, we shouldn’t have to wait long either, as said previously The Gateway Foundation will aim to open the world’s first space hotel in 2027, named the voyager station. According to the organisation, construction of the 50,000-square-metre facility will start in 2026 with the first passengers visiting the hotel in 2027. When it opens, the rotating hotel will have rooms for up to 440 people. The rotating ring-shaped form will give the station. gravity equivalent to one-sixth of the Earth’s allowing for interesting experiences playing sport aboard the station, basketball will be a breeze and you’re likely to outplay some of the world’s top players.


One of many questions you may have about space hotels is the affordability of such a journey, after all, what good to you and me is a new attraction if it’s barred from everyone but the 1 percent? and you’d be right; In the meantime, it is speculated that your 3 nights stay on the Voyager station would set you back a cool $1.6 million… per night! The Gateway Foundation has addressed this concern stating that it will be regrettably expensive for the next few years however moving forward they will make affordability a priority, they acknowledge a space travel industry cannot flourish if it doesn’t extend to the public market.

NASA, Investors and More

Today we find thousands of investors funnelling money into separate projects surrounding space tourism and it’s not hard to understand why. Space is alluring and mysterious, everyone wants to experience it, but no one seems to know where to start. Small start-ups have come and gone however many of these have resulted in refunds and apologies later down the line, we will have no choice but to look towards previously established companies if we want that perfect space holiday within our lifetimes.
NASA announced in 2019 that in 2020 they were going to allow private astronauts to board the international space station again, there was a brief period between 2001 to 2009 that Russia allowed seven astronauts to make 8 journeys to the ISS, today NASA will begin these journeys again with the use of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft and the Boeing Starliner for public astronauts which will be priced at 35,000 a day per astronaut and an estimated 50 million for the ride there and back.


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