The Winner of Discovery Channel Show “Who wants to be an Astronaut” aiming to fly to the ISS in 2022

The Discovery Channel have announced a new reality TV show that’s out of this world
The show is expected to be an eight-part series documenting the journey of roughly 10-12 contestants.

They will be undergoing a variety of extreme challenges based on real astronaut training. The Challenges will test the contestants’ capabilities and physical attributes required for them to travel to space. This show would give one of the hopeful contestants a once in a life time experience.

The mission is expected to take a place one the Axiom Space mission in the middle of 2022

There are likely to be many of the worlds super wealthy that can afford to travel on one of , Blue Origin, Space X or Virgin Galactic flight. The show is aimed at normal everyday people to give them the ability to fly to the ISS.

Eligibility for the show is limited to US citizens or legal US residents, must be 18 years or older. The finer details and challenges and judges are yet to be announced.




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