Jeff Bezos to Travel to Space next month.

Subject to weather conditions, technical issues and medical reasons, Jeff Bezos is planning on flying in the Shepherd capsule in one of his blue origins rockets.

The suborbital trip will last around 10 minutes, the mission will take him across the “Karman Line” approx. 62 miles above sea level, reaching the outer atmosphere of the earth.

On the back of this news the first thing on every space enthusiast mind in the world is When can I go? or Is he mad!

The 57-year-old will step down as Amazons chief executive on July the 5th and will conduct this mission just a few weeks after. What is seemingly a vanity project for Mr Bezos it is a milestone for commercial space travel.

This trip will give Jeff Bezos the bragging rights over space rivals Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) and Elon Musk (Space X).

The passengers on board this flight need no training as everything is fully automated, one of the passengers will be the winner of a charity auction which has reached over 3 million USD.

The flight does not come without risk, the mortality rate for Astronauts is around 3.2%, any paying passengers have a clause which releases blue origin from responsibility in case things go wrong.

The Amazon founder made the announcement of the flight on an Instagaram video saying. : “Ever since I was five years old, I’ve dreamed of travelling to space . . . It’s a big deal for me.” Bezos has a big focus on infrastructure and believes that’s this has to be a big focus when planning this mission to vital if they are to achieve future missions. The attention to every detail was there for everyone to see in his 2019 Blue Moon landing mock up

“It’s this generation’s job to build that road to space so that the future generations can unleash their creativity, “said Bezos’s





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