$28 Million Secures flight into space

The huge sum will be donated to the Club for the Future Foundation who aim it is to inspire young scientists to continue their studies and dedicate a career to space.

The company Blue Origin owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos have auctioned a seat of four aboard the suborbital rocket New Shepard. This bid finished on the 12th June 2021 with a final price of $ 28 million, the funds are being donated to the Club for the Future foundation as they seek to inspire young scientists to continue their studies and dedicate themselves to space.

It is reported the bidder still had to pay 6% more for a commission, this is not yet identified by name or appearance. According to a video the company posted on its website, it will be released in the next two weeks. He competed against nearly 7,600 people from 159 countries for over a month.

The auction was divided into three phases: the first of them ended on May 19 with 1.4 million offered, the second had visible offers and ended at 4.8 million, and in the final, the offers were live, increasing the figures over five times the phase 2 offer .

The rocket, has been designed as a commercial system for space tourism, is scheduled to take off on July 20 along with its four crew members, including Jeff and Mark Bezos . That day also marks the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing from West Texas. The trip is expected to last 10 approximately minutes, each second on board will cost more than $42,000



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