Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has cancelled the highly anticipated 'dearMoon' mission. Learn more about the reasons and implications of this decision.

Maezawa ‘dearMoon’ Mission Cancels Moon Flyby


In a surprising turn of events, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has announced the cancellation of his highly anticipated “dearMoon” mission. This project, intended to be the first private flight around the moon, has been indefinitely postponed. Maezawa shared the news on the “dearMoon” mission website and across his social media channels.

The Cancellation Announcement

The “dearMoon” team shared the disappointing news, explaining that the mission has become “unfeasible.” Maezawa, known for his flamboyant lifestyle and love of art, had originally planned the “dearMoon” mission for 2023. However, unforeseen circumstances and a lack of schedule certainty forced the cancellation of the moon mission. “To all who have supported this project and looked forward to this endeavor, we sincerely appreciate it and apologize for this outcome,” the team expressed.

 Maezawa ‘dearMoon’ Mission Cancels Moon Flyby – The Vision Behind ‘dearMoon’

Maezawa, a 46-year-old tycoon, secured all seats on the SpaceX spacecraft for the “dearMoon” mission back in 2018. The mission aimed to bring together a group of celebrities and artists to inspire new creations and share the experience of space travel. This moon mission was to be a historic event, marking a significant milestone in private space tourism. Unfortunately, the cancellation of the “dearMoon” mission is a significant setback for those who looked forward to this unique journey.

Reasons for Cancellation

The team did not disclose specific reasons for the cancellation of the moon mission. However, they cited the lack of “schedule certainty in the near-term” as a primary factor. The 2023 launch target became unfeasible, and without a clear timeline, the team decided to cancel the “dearMoon” mission. This unexpected turn has left many supporters and prospective passengers disappointed.

The Future of Private Space Travel

The cancellation of Maezawa’s moon mission raises questions about the future of private space travel. While his project faced setbacks, it highlights the complexities and challenges of organizing such ambitious endeavors. Despite this setback, interest in private space travel continues to grow, with companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The “dearMoon” mission was an ambitious step in this direction, and its cancellation underscores the challenges involved.

Maezawa’s Commitment to Space Exploration

Despite the cancellation, Maezawa remains committed to space exploration and innovation. He invested in the “dearMoon” mission to inspire creativity and foster a deeper connection to space. As the space industry evolves, Maezawa’s contributions and vision will likely continue to influence future projects and inspire others to pursue similar dreams. The “dearMoon” mission may be canceled, but its spirit of exploration and innovation endures.


The cancellation of Maezawa’s moon mission marks a significant moment in the journey of private space travel. While disappointing, it underscores the challenges and uncertainties inherent in pioneering new frontiers. The space community and enthusiasts around the world will undoubtedly watch closely as Maezawa and other visionaries continue to push the boundaries of space exploration. The “dearMoon” mission may be canceled, but the dream of private space travel lives on.

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