Only recently have private companies have started to make serious investments in the concept of Space Tourism.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why these companies are betting on space tourism and what they’re doing to make it happen.

SpaceX’s Plan for Space Tourism – Why Companies Are Betting On Space Tourism

SpaceX is one of the most well-known companies investing in space tourism. They have already launched several successful missions into orbit and are now working on their plans for commercial space travel.

They plan to launch their first commercial flights into orbit by 2024 with passengers paying up to $250,000 per seat. SpaceX also plans to build a network of orbiting hotels where passengers can stay while they explore the universe.

Virgin Galactic’s Vision for Space Tourism – Why Companies Are Betting On Space Tourism

Virgin Galactic is another company investing heavily in space tourism. They plan to offer suborbital flights on their spacecrafts starting at $250,000 per seat. These flights will take passengers up to an altitude of 62 miles above Earth before returning them safely back home.

Virgin Galactic also plans to offer longer orbital flights at some point in the future as well as research missions and other opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Blue Origin’s Plans For Space Tourism – Why Companies Are Betting On Space Tourism

Blue Origin is another company betting on space tourism with their New Shepard rocket system. This system is designed to take passengers up into suborbital flight where they can experience weightlessness and view Earth from above before returning them safely back home again.

Blue Origin plans to start offering these flights by 2025 with tickets costing around $200,000 per seat.


Space tourism has the potential to be a huge industry with billions of dollars in revenue and thousands of jobs created as a result.

Companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin are all investing heavily in making this a reality within the next few years by offering commercial flights into orbit as well as longer orbital flights and research missions further down the line.

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